Veterinary consulation

Veterinary and Medical Training services to Parks, Zoo and Aquaria on regular and/or occasional consultancy contract(s)


  • on-site visit(s)
  • as a referent
  • for incidental medical cases

The expertise provided comprises (but is not limited to):

  • Veterinary advises (general and/or specific)
  • Marine mammal veterinary & health-care follow-up
  • Marine mammal specialized veterinary support to local practitioners
  • Medical training (for handlers/trainers and veterinarians)
  • Ultrasonography
  • Pinniped anesthesia
  • Radiography
  • Endoscopy
  • Surgeries
  • Reproduction & artificial insemination
  • Contraception
  • Nutrition
  • Animal transport
  • Scientific research
  • Protocols guidance (pre & post-partum preparation in dolphins, tuberculosis surveillance in pinnipeds, etc.)
  • Etc.

MMVS is equipped with state of the art portable medical equipment:

  • Anesthesia (Dräger) and monitoring devices (Capnograph, ECG, Pulsoxymeter, oesophageal & rectal stethoscopes)
  • Ultrasonography (Logiq e – GE, with several probes)
  • Radiography (Gierth 200)
  • Endoscopy (Storz Medipack with 2,5 m scope)

We also work with various colleagues specialized in specific medical domains (dentistry, ophthalmology, endoscopy) such as to be able to offer the most up-to-date veterinary service during interventions. A nurse specialized in marine mammals can accompany during anesthesia & surgery visits.

MMVS also offers a variety of on-site workshops and seminars.