The following on-site courses/seminars are offered by MMVS

Medical training of marine mammals

Too often the training part is discarded by veterinarians, but it is absolutely mandatory to have a correct and safe approach of the animals to be able to attend them correctly. This is still lacking in a lot of facilities, particularly in the zoo world. This course reviews the medical behaviours used in marine mammals – how to train them step by step and explains, in common terms, what is the medical advantage gained from it with lots of examples.

Pinnipeds anesthesia

Suggested as a one or two-day workshop, often together with a practical anesthesia on site as demo.

  • Sea lion anesthesia
  • Seal anesthesia
Marine mammal ultrasonography

Suggested as a two-day workshop, often up to 3-4 days when practical sessions can be organised with the animals, but can vary a lot depending on the level of training

  • Dolphins ultrasonography
  • Pinnipeds ultrasonography
  • Killer whale ultrasonography
Fish handling, nutrition & diet development

Suggested as a one-day workshop

Pre- and postpartum follow-up dolphins

Suggested as a one-day workshop


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